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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  March 5, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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ukraine. international observers kicked out. >> a high-stakes chess match and few are certain how it will end. u.s. has played a lead role in trying to stave off an all-out war. back home, debate over how far we are willing to go. >> would you support dividing arms to the ukraine? >> that would be a presidential decision. >> we spoke with tim kaine after the decision to increase joint exercises in poland. services andarmed foreign relations committee relations committee. if there was talk about military intervention there, we would know. >> instead he said sanctions could do the trick but work best when other countries back them and few are stepping up. -- he is running a
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government where if you are an opponent, rock and he does not like, you go to jail. a country who does something he does not like, he engages in military activity. there is not reasoning with him. >> the secretary john kerry was able -- unable to get both sides to the targeting table. >> all parties agreed today it is important to try to resolve the issues through dialogue. >> ending back to the idea of trying to get major allies on board with opposing -- imposing sanctions, president obama did and perhapsameron, germany. these countries do a lot more business with russia than we do so it is a more sensitive topic for them. we heard from hillary clinton today about the situation in the
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ukraine. she says vladimir putin's remarks are reminiscent of adolf hitler, specifically she referenced his assertion he is protecting russians and crimea. she said it mirrors hitler's claims in the 1930's that he wanted to protect germans in czechoslovakia and romania. hertelegram quotes saying -- the comments came at a private fundraiser. she also said there is no -- is asn he has irrational as adolf hitler. >> marion airey released from the hospital. he has been undergoing treatment for a blood infection since being hospitalized february 10.
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infections are tougher for him to fight off since the kidney transplant five years ago. >> that blood infection knocked me for a loop. i will put my health of the top of the agenda because i will not be here forever. while i am here, i want to be healthy. >> this comes one day before his 78th birthday. >> video from prince george's county where an suv has bashed into a pizza restaurant. hole at the corner branch avenue and curtis drive. took rescue crews about 15 minutes to free the driver of the vehicle. he was seriously injured but expected to survive. no one inside the restaurant was hurt. all of the snow and ice is wrapping up a big bill. an analysis by the news partners
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hasd in virginia, vdot spent $156 million on snow removal memorial day double the 60 $3 million budget. in maryland, the state highway administration has nearly tripled the budget. the budget was 6.2 million. all of the agency say they will have to find money from other projects to pay the bills. a string ofak in burglaries. two people caught on tape making into a home. brad bell is that prince george's county police headquarters joining us with how this could solve multiple crimes. >> that is because police believe this two-person team, a man and a woman have been committing burglaries all across the region. they have been very busy, but fortunately for police, not too careful.
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no one will accuse this pair of being criminal masterminds. they casually get out of the bright red mini cooper. to the homells up and rings the bell and then his female accomplice joined him on the front or coach as he kicks in the door. their every move captured by security cameras that are plainly in view. this man and the rest of his family are the victims for the caught on camera crime. he said the burglar tore up their home. you can see them walk out with a 37 inch tv. >> i guess that is a sign of the times we are living in. fortunately for police, the cameras were rolling. the pair of thieves has been identified by police as eric crews and shanae gordon. they are suspects in a series of
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break-ins in the area. in camp springs, the alleged the him hope soon it will be the police going through their door. that yougood to know can see something, ball of this. >> police say they know who those people are. they are hoping someone calls in and gives them a clue that can close the case. coming up on abc seven news. a museum spotlights one of the nation's newest police agencies. at what the designers hope to accomplish. >> we are better than that of the country. >> was parked on unusual standoff in congress. what happened before elijah
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cummings microphone was cut off. >> you do have a warming trend on the way. a very cold day stands
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everything now have a new role. >> immigrations and customs enforcement is now part of the museum. the clock shows how this comes with a purpose. >> you are getting a first look at the immigration and custom enforcement new exhibit of the
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crime museum. our town has a lot of anachronisms, so what do they do? >> we combat transnational criminal organizations that bring everything from drugs, pornography to international property rights pieces. >> hoping that they will mentally put themselves in uniform. >> we want to inspire your. about what they do, they will do to get involved and fight a little crime. >> we started doing social media outreach about a year ago. helped catch a handful
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of the worst child predators. >> this is a really -- we need an app for this. and away to reach out to the public directly. >> they even released their own app. >> when we first rolled it out, we were number three. >> the culture now through december of the crime museum. tommy mick lai, abc 7 news. >> learn more about the app write more on our website. we do not want to talk about ice the acronym or the real thing. >>what about the nationals? a little bit of melting today. tomorrow somewhat colder. that contract. starting you off with a time lapse. beautiful sunrise. high clouds throughout the day.
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turned out to be a beautiful afternoon. snow starting to go away. a nice evening here. temperatures cold but not as cold as last night. making progress. numbers made a nice recovery. nine at washington dulles, 10 at manassas. 24 at reagan national. look at the difference in lows. some people say why do we have the wide ranges and temperatures? there is why. the same wide range and temperatures tonight. we will start to make a nice recovery by friday and into the evening. 38 at the list. 38 in annapolis. 37 mitch sure in houston. the temperature line goes down
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tonight. not as deeply following as last night. the range 15-28. snow cover on the ground and clear skies for a while so will be plenty of old. northeasterly breeze. that will keep temperature somewhat colder. slightly milder and colder. cold front will slip south tonight. deal thatbe a one-day will lift back to the north played into the day thursday. friday morning right back into the middle 40's. looking good. another storm system on it's heels. this one will come from texas and south. a little bigger storm but we will watch it. no guarantees. this shows a lot of precipitation getting close to her area as we go through the day friday and friday night.
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we will watch it. nothing more we can do. i do think we will stay dry for the day friday. if not, i will be here with egg all over my face. clear night. giving way to cloudy day tomorrow. i want to point your attention to next week. mid-50's to the lower 60's. >> now the toyota sports desk route to you by your local -- local toyota dealers. >> just before the nhl trade deadline tom of the caps made a trade. and a draftt minor for ao buffalo in return goaltender. this is the second time in a week he has been traded. the sabres got him in a deal with the blues last friday. the bottom line, the 28-year-old
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is now with the caps. we will find out what he has left in the gas tank. the wizards have 22 games left in the regular season. every game is magnified. a big test to see how the wizards respond. we asked bradley beal about the positive they can take away from that loss to memphis. you can definitely take bits and pieces from the game. we are trying to stay away from it. >> maryland got a nice win over virginia tech last night. now getting ready for the regular season finale against virginia. basketball game
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ever in college park. last night's win was not without drama. charles mitchell taken out of the game late in the first half. he eventually came back out of the locker room in the second half and never got back in the game. his availability for sunday's game against virginia not yet determined. arounds here and madness the corner. georgetown's way and had a tournament feel to it. they stay in the postseason conversation. for baseball fans, nationals continue to be oppressive and spring training. matt williams looking at the guys and putting them in situations as they prepare for a season opener against the mets. desmond one of the heroes.
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look out. back, back. the solar shot to win. the final 11-5. tiger woods will lay tomorrow. he had to withdraw from the honda classic last week a cousin of back spasms. he said three days of treatment and him feel better. >> convenient with her all when not playing well. >> >> and no more talk about ice
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for the next few hours. >> your wish is my command. >> colder than today. will be a warm up. talking about how warm and when it will arrive tonight at 11:00. >> abc world news coming up
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next. >> have a good night.
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welcome to "world news." tonight, big change in an american rite of passage. that high school test so many take, hoping to get into college. the s.a.t.s. are they fair? well, tonight, a decision to give more kids of all backgrounds a chance. on the brink. the urgent talks to pull vladimir putin and russia back from the razor's edge. to the rescue. the incredible video of a car full of children heading into the pounding surf. and the strangers who pulled them from the waves in the nick of time. and "real member


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